every great design begins with
an even better story– here's mine.

Looking back  I can say that icandothat design didn't begin as a "plan" it just kind of happened! Entrepreneurship is certainly a roller coaster ride, you wear all of the hats but all joking aside starting and running a business has been one of the most difficult and joyful things I have ever done.

Starting from the beginning, I inherited the creative gene from my mother and I realized my passion for design during my freshmen year of college.  I graduated with my degree in communications and graphic design from The Ohio State University in 2008.

For the following five years, I worked full time in marketing and design positions while living in Ohio, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. From an architecture firm to an art museum with printing companies in between, I gained a diverse knowledge of all types of print and design. On the side of these full-time gigs I was dabbling in all kinds of freelance design, from logos to party invitations and even designed scrapbook paper for a while.

Well one referral led to another, and another, and I found that each design request that came my way was welcomed with an overly enthusiastic “I can do that!”... and well, as you can see, that phrase stuck!

Today I live with my husband, daughter, and dog in New York City and work full-time from my home office. I work with select small business clients but my main focus is creating custom wedding invitations for couples all across the country. Whether the wedding planning is full of classic or quirky designs, I provide the creative direction to bring each couple's vision to life on paper. By the time we are done working together, I will likely be calling you my friend, using emojis in our emails, and following you on Instagram!

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Get to know Jenna

hi, i am jenna.

owner + lead designer

I should’ve known I was meant to do something creative with my life the moment I got busted in 4th grade computer lab for doodling on Kid Pix during typing lessons… for the third time! 

I’ve always found a way to sneak creativity into my life, even in places it didn’t belong, like my college chem lab books that had the most detailed microscope slide drawings but always lacked in the equation section. 

I realized as I was halfway through my environmental science degree at Virginia Tech that something was missing and knew I needed a change. So I grabbed an iced coffee, changed my major to communications and design and have been finding creative opportunities that spark joy in my life since.

One of those opportunities was a social media internship here at icandothat design! Jenna and I have "the same brain" as we call it and our creative energy clicked right away. Over the past few years,  I have grown into my current design role and have been saying “I can do that, too!” 

Get to know Alana

hey there, i am alana.

design partner